Single Tool Sheathing

PP55000 Series - Single Tool Wall Sheathing Machine

STS1The NEW Panels Plus single tool bridge is designed to fasten sheathing to wall panels made from 2x4 up to 2x10 material. The wall panel is rolled into the sheathing machine from the framer or squaring table and clamped to ensure the wall panel is square.

The bridge is equipped with two methods of movement, an automatic preprogrammed touchscreen and a manual joystick, both moving the bridge to the next stud.  To assist in positioning the bridge at each stud, there is a laser pointer that projects a line on the wall where the fastener will be inserted.

The bridge also features a single tool that travels across the wall inserting a fastener at the spacing set by the operator. The operator has the option of tilting and offsetting the fastener patterns on seams.  During the auto-return sequence the stitchers will automatically insert a fastener at your chosen spacing.




General Specifications

The following dimensions are approximate and are provided only to give the foot print of the machine.

Additional space is required for material storage and handling.


Machine Length  -  22' -0"

Machine Width  -  19'-0"

Machine Height  -  7'-10"

Table Height  -  30.5"

Wall Length  -  4'  –  12'

Electrical  -  120Vac/60Hz/30amp

Air  -  30-40 CFM @ 90-120psig

Squaring Table: The squaring table consists of a stationary and moveable section.

The table can be opened or closed to set the wall height, or clamp and unclamp the wall by simply stepping on the footswitch on the load end of the table or pressing the open or close buttons located on the exit end of the table. The wall panel is rolled in and out of the table on roller conveyors.