Combo Table


Single Table Wall Panel Assembly System


Fastening Sheathing
  • Rugged, quality, durable construction
  • Standard table frames for 7' to 12' wall height,
  • up to 16' in wall length
  • Adjustable top and bottom plate stops
  • Stud locators for quick placement of materials
  • Down clamp for accurate frame alignment
  • Push button control for each tool carriage
  • Tool carriages hold three tools along with one extra hand held tool
  • Auto indexing installs 2 nails in a 2x4 and 3 nails in a 2x6
  • Nailing bridge has auto-drive with auto-return and a hand wheel for fine adjustment of the bridge position.
  • Hand held pendant control for total bridge operations
  • Laser indicator to locate final fastening positions
  • Tool spacing 6" on center
  • Tool shifts 6" on center
  • Tool shifts 6" and 5 degrees both direction for securing sheathing seams
  • Adaptable to many fastener choices for both framing and sheathing (nails, staples and screws)
  • Control for wall height adjustment and pop up conveyor operation located at each end of table
  • Pop up conveyors for easy wall transfer


  • Work deck walkways
  • Top and bottom plate stitching tools
  • Multiple position shaft on stitching tool beam
  • Equipped for mounting of optional Light Bar Visual Material Positioning Systems
  • Installation and training available


Heights, lengths and lumber sizes (2x8)
Auto indexing tool carriages, (3) nails in 2x4, (4) in 2x6 and (5) in 2x8

Combination Table