Sheathing Station

Wood Wall Panel Sheathing Station

Available with single or dual tool beams


Wood Sheather
  • Rugged, quality, durable construction
  • Standard table will sheath 7' to 12' walls up to 16' long
  • Sheath 2x4 and 2x6 walls
  • Heavy duty motorized telescoping arms for wall height adjustment clamp wall parior to stapling/nailing
  • Squaring stops and clamping provide consistent wall quality
  • Allows up to 18' overhang at top and bottom plate on a 12' high wall
  • Nailing bridge has auto-drive with auto-return and a hand wheel for fine adjustment of bridge position
  • Hand held pendant control for total bridge operations
  • Tool spacing 6' on-center
  • Tools tilt 5 degrees both directions for securing sheathing seams
  • Adaptable to many fastener choices (nails, staples and screws)
  • Conveyors for easy wall transfer
  • Installation and training

Sheathing Table



  • Custom table lengths and heights
  • Stitchers for plate stapling/nailing
  • Tool spacing to fit your fastening requirements
  • Work Decks


Dual Tool Beam
  • Customized to meet your needs
  • Mount tool of choice
  • "Common Sense" design based on decades of housing machinery and manufacturing experience
  • Prompt and dependable customer service


Power Requirements:  120V - 1 phase (250 optional)
Air Requirements:  30 CFM at 120 psi
Height of Table: 29" - 32"