Factory Built Flooring Table


Optional Rim Board Stitchers
  • Floor panel width adjustable from 6' to 16'
  • Capable of handling dimensional lumber, floor trusses or engineered lumber from 8" to 12" (other dim available upon request)
  • Squaring edge and clamping to ensure a square floor panel
  • Joist locators for positioning at on-center spacing
  • Tool carriages with auto indexing install 5 nails in 8" floors and 6 nails in 10" and 12" floors all with a single push of a button
  • Hand held pendant control for total bridge operations
  • Power driven tool bridge movement with auto return
  • Laser indicator for bridge positioning
  • Nailing bridge supports tools 12" on-center with a 6" shift for fastening seams (other spacing available)
  • Tools tilt 5 degrees both direction for securing sheathing seams
  • Skate wheels for rolling out the floor panels
  • Installation and training

Factory Built Home Flooring Table

  • Floors 10' - 14'
  • Custom Lengths Available
  • 2'x8' - 2'x12' & Engineered
  • Semi-Automated Bridge to Fasten Floor Sheathing
  • Customer Chooses Fastener


  • Optional rim board stitchers with adjustable spacing from 1" to 24" on center
  • Equipped for mounting of optional Light Bar Visual Material Positioning Systems
  • Floor panel length - 16' to customer required length
  • Capable of handling custom dimensional lumber, floor trusses or engineered lumber

Factory Built - Modular Builders

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