Steel Wall Panel Sheathing

Easily Sheath Steel Frame Wall Panels

  • Multiple Tool Bridge
  • Single Pendant Control


Laser Indicator
  • Standard table will sheath 7' to 12' walls up to 16' long
  • Wall sheath capabilities up to 1-5/8" thick to 10' high and 16' long
  • Allows up to 18" overhang top and bottom plate on a 12" high wall
  • Foot control to adjust wall height
  • Power driven tool bridge with auto return
  • Hand held pendant controls for total bridge operations
  • Laser indicator to locate final fastening positions
  • Tool spacing " on center
  • Tools shifts 3" to accomodate offset fastening
  • Auto indexing installs 2 fasteners in a 2x4 and 3 fasteners in a 2x6
  • Adaptable to many fastener choices
  • Pop Up Conveyors for easy wall transfer

Steel Wall Sheathing Table



  • Custom table lengths and heights
  • Multiple position shift on stitching tools
  • Tool spacing other than 6:
  • Dual beam for multiple fastener capability
  • Installation and training available